Lean Rock is recognised as one of the world’s top break DJs and is also an internationally renowned b-boy. Hailing from Boston, he has been a b-boy all his life, a DJ for 14 years, and does some commercial and print work. Since the age of 2, Lean Rock grew up watching, and attending shows featuring his father’s b-boy group “The Floorlords”. The Floorlords are one of the longest-standing groups in b-boy history and has played a significant role in the Boston community, as well as the worldwide hip-hop community for the past 38 years. Having been raised within and around such a legendary and influential b-boy group, he was destined to keep the tradition going. He would become an official Floorlord member and professional b-boy by the age of 7 and part of the legendary Boogie Brats Crew in 2008. Lean Rock and his younger cousins would take the scene by storm by competing against some of the world’s best b-boys who at the time, who were in a higher age group. He has certainly played a significant part of Floorlords history and growth by being an active member for the past 20 years. Lean Rock’s dancing style is defined by his creativity, freestyle ability, and his natural ability to pull freezes from any angle. Lean Rock’s professional dancing career includes performances in some of the biggest arenas in front of thousands, theatre shows, national/international competition titles, workshops, and community work.


During his dancing career, Lean Rock developed another passion within the Hip Hop culture; DJ-ing.  As a dancer, he was always infatuated with the music as it was part of his everyday life. He was passionate about exploring new music. At an early age, his father would take him to record shops all around Boston to go searching for music, which helped him build an extensive knowledge of music at an early age. His earliest inspirations were DJs such as DJ Leacy, DJ Ninja B, DJ Kon, as well as his dad. His father would teach him the basics of mixing and “cutting up”. Lean Rock followed the path of the traditional hip-hop format, using the “Bronx Style” approach of djing.  One of the things that have contributed to Lean’s great success as a DJ, is that he b-boys at a high level. He really understands what a dancer is looking for from a DJ-ing perspective. He is one of few to follow in this tradition of legendary b-boys-turned-DJ, such as Jazzy Jay, Grand Wizzard Theodore and Grand Mixer DXT. Lean Rock is carrying the torch and doing his part to preserve the b-boy, as well as the DJ elements of hip-hop culture. He is also the co-founder of the DJ group called Horsepower, along with DJ Timber. Horsepower has taken the worldwide b-boy community by storm and has headlined at nearly every major b-boy event globally from Red Bull Bc One, Battle of the Year, R16, UK B-boy Champs, IBE, Freestyle Session and Outbreak. They have set new standards in the scene when it comes to spinning breaks.


Lean Rock has always been known for going the extra mile to dig for rare, funky breaks that no one else is rocking. His music taste is known for its funky, raw, aggressive, and high-energy edge. Over time Lean Rock has expanded his music selection and is continually growing as a DJ who can do it all. His selection and dedicated work ethic have led him to gigs in Holland, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Slovakia, Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Taiwan, England, and other countries across the globe, making him one of the youngest DJs to ever spin at any such events. His passion for music has allowed him to be one of the most sought-after break DJs and has inspired masses of people around the world in the hip-hop community.


Photo: © Ulrich Grill – Zooom.At