“Lean Rock was born into the culture and has become a key figure to the breakin scene. He’s one of my favorite DJs and also an amazing breaker. He is the essence of a true hip-hop head while lifting everybody he rolls with up. He got the right flavor, he’s one of the most humble, and one of the most credible contributors in the breakin scene for many years.”

Menno (Hustle Kidz/Red Bull Dancer) – 3x Red Bull BC One Champion



“Lean Rock is one of the best DJs in the world and is a true bboy who knows the culture. He influenced a lot of people in both the breaking and DJ world! I always like when he DJs because he makes the crowd hype and knows how to make me move!”

Hong 10 (Flow XL/Red Bull Dancer) – 2x Red Bull BC One Champion



“DJ Lean Rock is a true student of the game, knows how to rock a party, and knows how to make b-boys/b-girls go off warrior status. He continuously blesses the Hip-Hop world with digital break tape-style mixes in true tradition. Lean has a great understanding of intros, outros, timing, crowd control through the groove, when to drop the needle, and blending funk grooves/melodies on top of a syncopated drum break properly. A young legend who is still in his prime, Steady making moves. Stay blessed Hermano! We keep going!”

Steffan “Mr Wiggles” Clemente (Rock Steady Crew/Electric Boogaloos) – Pioneer & Hip-Hop Legend


“Dj Lean Rock is one of the most diverse DJs I met. I love to hear live sets or any of his mixes. Lean is also a very, very dope b-boy who has stood the test of time, and outside of deejaying, he has helped others achieve their goals, whether it’s dance or music-related. Lean has earned his stripes and is one of the few who has spread his many talents on a worldwide level. Always love and continue your greatness my guy!”

Boogie Blind (The X-Ecutioners) – World Champion DJ


“We have been working with Lean Rock for many years, and it’s always a pleasure to work with him. He is a passionate hip-hop lover, DJ, producer, and much more, but most importantly, a great person. Lean is always working professionally and is reliable while keeping deadlines under pressure. We worked with him for our event Battle of the Year, Red Bull BC One, and we were happy to have him on board as DJ and producer for the Youth Olympic Games in 2018 in Buenos Aires, which led Breaking to be officially in the Olympics in Paris 2024.”

Thomas Hergenröther (Founder of Battle of the Year/Six Step Productions) – Legendary Hip-Hop Organizer


“I have booked Lean Rock more times than I can count. Lean is far more than just an exceptionally talented artist, producer, DJ, and dancer. He is also entirely professional, meticulous, collaborative, and a leader in the hip-hop space. Lean consistently exceeds expectations, going far beyond any performing artist’s contracted scope as a partner, promoter, and curator. Lean also has an innate ability to authentically mentor, uplift others, and support hip-hop culture across everything he does. He is my definition of positive intent. As many times as I have booked him, I would book him 100 times over.”

Dani Lawrence (Red Bull USA) – Director of Booking Events



“I heard the name Lean Rock through dozens and dozens of references before I ever met him. His reputation and respect in the scene is immaculate. Then I met this young, humble, and hard working colleague Lino. We began working together and I found a genuine professional in all approaches who was open, kind, and always supportive of the person in front of him. It’s his human nature that speaks so loudly and his likability that resonates. The talent is undeniable, the opportunities hard earned, and growth is his song. An easy call when you need somebody to…”

LeeJ Razalan (Kinjaz) – Co-Owner of the Kinjaz


“Lean Rock is a humble master at his craft with an astonishing amount of experience for his age. From the battle floor to the club, the quality of his unique sets and productions never fail to light the venue on fire! His passion for music and the culture is deeply felt without words. His personal story of evolving into who he is today is incredibly inspiring for all emerging artists, and he’s only just getting started.”

Shivarasa  – DJ & Producer


“Lean Rock is truly a student of greatness. From His DJ skills to the dance floor, it’s always been dope watching him shine. Hip-Hop defined.”

Statik Selektah (ShowOff Radio) – Legendary DJ and Hip-Hop Producer


“Lean Rock is a triple threat. One of the illest b-boys, DJ & beat creators I know. He carries the torch for our culture & I can rest easy knowing we are in good hands!”

Dj D-Styles (Invisible Skratch Picklez/Beat Junkies) – DJ Legend


“DJ Lean Rock is one of my all-time favorite b-boy DJs and party rockers. Not only are his mixing skills on point, but his selection is also FIRE! Sure he could just play the b-boy anthems, but he DIGS for rare funky breaks. Plus, he’s mad cool and professional. I truly appreciate all he brings to the table. He can party rock at my jams or spin at my DJ battles anytime!”

Christie Z (DMC USA/Tools of War) – DJ Battle/Park Jam Organizer


“Lean Rock is a rarity in hip-hop culture. In a time when practitioners have dedicated themselves to one element. Lean has won championships in breaking and then has influenced the sound of breaking as a DJ to what it is today. A true student of his crafts with a rich history in the culture, Lean has embodied the legacies that his elders passed down. The Bboy – DJ, the legacy of Lean Rock.”

Rox Rite (Renegade Rockers/Squadron) – World Champion B-Boy


“DJ Lean Rock, my brother, friend, and family. He is a b-boy at heart and then expanded to other elements of hip-hop. He set his vision as a DJ to bring music to breakin’ culture. I’ve seen him grow through hard work and dedication and become one of the top DJs at major breakin’ events. He also creates mixes to keep the culture going. The mixes give B-boys/B-girls music for practice and help us grow with constant inspiration. Thank you for contributing to not only breakin’ but to hip-hop culture as a whole.”

Lego (Flipside Kingz) – World Champion B-Boy



“It is one thing to be a practitioner of a craft; another to be a student, teacher, or torchbearer; one of a lineage—a bloodline—the truth. How one chooses to partake in the culture that is Hip Hop can vary. One can take up one of the four staples and become one of the greats by perfecting the practice they’ve chosen to hone. One can explore the foundation of its world, study the history of each element, and create road maps within them to use towards their own contributions to our story. One can even watch from the sidelines and boast, imitate, and pretend, but those never last long in the memories of the truly dedicated—lifers. Lean Rock, a lifer, is one of the few we, the community, like to call The Truth.
A committed practitioner and enthusiast of the art forms and their origins within the Hip Hop culture. The truth, how I know it is something one can’t deny or argue. Like how humans need air to breathe; fish, water to swim; and how to live is to die. Similarly, one cannot deny the authenticity and love shared when Lean spins his records. The formula, skill, and teachings he has acquired throughout time are present in every downbeat. Any craftsperson can tell those records have been carefully curated for their specific energy, purpose, and needs of a crowd, event, and/or dancers. It is not that Lean is different from most DJs; in my opinion, most DJs are indifferent these days. They lack the hunger to learn about the DJ’s beginnings. To dig up the bones. To indulge in other Hip Hop art forms to further inform their own. Lean Rock, not only a DJ but an acclaimed B-Boy and organizer, has done that work for decades; and now stands on the shoulders of his elders and the pillars he has built, continuing to carry a torch for our community.”

Rudi Goblen (Flipside Kingz) – B-boy Legend



“I remember meeting Lean Rock when he was 11 years old. I knew right away he was more focused than the other kids just by the look in his eyes. Even though he was young, I knew he had an old soul! He was always serious about what he wanted to do! Fast forward 7 years later, he moved to Miami to attend FIU! We come from low-income neighborhoods, and it’s rare to see people from this environment make it to college, let alone finish high school! We could see that Lean Rock was on his mission and not following in the negative path that heavily influences our neighborhoods. During all this, Lean was Breaking and studying music as a Hip-Hop entrepreneur. A few years after college, he moved to Los Angeles to become one of the most respected and requested DJs in the hip-hop scene! The man is multi-talented, handsome, and still so young. So can you imagine what is to come in his life? It’s only going up for him because he is a true warrior and most importantly, a leader! I’m happy to call him a soul brother and a friend! Rock on Lean Rock!! One love!”

Flea Rock – (Skill Methodz) – B-boy Legend


“As a young member of the Hip-hop scene and being in the global breaking community as a Bgirl, I’ve come across a lot of people within this world that have had some type of impact on my journey. My first encounter with Lean Rock’s work was at local California jams, where he’d DJ and never fail to get the dancers hype. He instantly became one of my favorite DJs, and I would blast a lot of his popular SoundCloud mixes at practice. There were parts in his music that motivated me as a b-girl in ways that other music couldn’t. I had his Bruce Lee tribute SBR mini mix on repeat when I was about 14 (just before I started winning events internationally). Alongside being one of the most prominent DJs in the global breakin scene, he’s been an advocate for mental health and a voice in the time of fighting for a new age of equality (in many areas). I’ve witnessed his empowering and insightful posts on IG, spoken alongside him on panels, and have been able to look to him as a role model for people of Hip-hop in hopes of continuing to pave a brighter future. I’m really grateful to have Lean Rock as not only a dancer and DJ of the scene but also a big brother and voice to build the future!”

Logan “Logistx” Edra (Underground Flow) – World Champion B-girl


“Seldom do you find legacy artists in Hip Hop Culture that are Dancers, DJs, and Music Producers who are also navigating the Cultural Diplomacy space. From his work as a dancer with The Floor Lords and The Squadron to his global reach, providing the soundtrack for artistic paths internationally, Lean Rock elevates, proving himself to be Hip Hop Culture’s past, present, and future.”

Junious L. Brickhouse – (Director of Next Level USA)


“Lean’s body of work is amazing! He has carved out his lane and showed that this culture has no limitation. He pushes himself to the limits with dancing, producing, and DJing. He had my respect from the first time I saw and heard him, and I said to Christie, “This guy is a beast!”. He lays his tracks perfect for the dancers because he is one, and his production is crazy! He is truly an awesome DJ! So please don’t stop what you are doing because you inspire the future generation of breakers, producers, and DJs!”

Grandwizzard Theodore – (Creator of the Scratch and Needle Drop) – Pioneer & Hip-Hop Legend


“Lean Rock pays tribute and homage to those who paved the way. Pay attention. A younger roller mover, shaker, b-boy, breaker, motivator, producer. When I would say, Turn my mic up. He’s like, Yo, that sounds good. I’m going to come in right here, and we’re going to do some dance theater. Let’s put it together real quick. When I say this, you do that. When I bring this in, you say that. I was like, Word, let’s go. Chemistry is one of those things that you rarely have between the DJ and the competitor. When the battalion jumps on set, you expect nothing but the best. And let the moment do the rest. Don’t second guess. And this way does, every time. Yours truly, Lino Delgado, aka Lean Rock. The official mix break DJ worldwide. From the Floor Lords to The Squadron, it’s a beautiful thing.”

Ivan the Urban Action Figure – B-boy Legend



“Lean Rock isn’t only a DJ, he also produces sick beats to get down to as well. Born from the roots of the culture, he understands what it takes to be a bboy cause he breaks himself and brings the beats that make the bboys & bgirls bring out their best. He constantly pushing boundaries on the music front for our dance, which is essential to what we do.”

Felix Huang (Radikal Forze) – Organizer of Radikal Forze Jam & B-boy


“Lean Rock in the place to be, one of the illest b-boys ever. He was always fresh with the moves on the floor, but I was tripping just how much he was into DJing. Lean knows his music. I appreciate his overall passion for the culture and his ambition to keep taking himself and the culture to the next level. Always in the mix anything b-boy & b-girl related! Overall, he’s an amazing human being. I’m really proud to know this brother, and I wish him more continued success in his life. Again, an amazing individual to know and an amazing individual to work with. My brother Lean Rock. I appreciate you brother, I love you brother, and continued blessings and continued success to you in the future.”

Mr. Choc (Beat Junkies) – DJ Legend


“DJ Lean Rock comes from a very rich upbringing and heritage through the Floor Lords from Boston. He’s the son and student of the legendary Leanski and a student of the legendary Float. Through his music, he brings that essence that is needed in today’s Breaking and Hip-Hop culture. He learned from the best of the best, all while preserving the culture and bringing that realness to breaking through his music. He’s working on a book and is someone who really cares about the past, the history, the traditions of breaking, and Hip-Hop culture. Our community is blessed to have a person like him. He’s become a community leader through the events that he’s organizing on a small scale, but with heavy names, which inspire the community around the world, not only to breakers but organizers like myself. So I’m really proud of Lean and what he has become. He definitely had a major influence on me as far as his music, as far as his personality, and as far as his friendship. I can call him a real friend. It’s vital to have people like Lean in the community to balance it out with people who don’t care to learn the history or have first-hand Hip-Hop knowledge. He was born into the cipher, so he has that knowledge. He knows what’s dope and what’s fresh. I hope he continues on this path and continues to inspire the world. Thank you for inspiring me brother and keep it up. Be the inspiration for the entire Hip-Hop world.”

MG (The Legits Blast) – Event Organizer & B-boy


“The first few times I watched Lean Rock dance, I could see a unique connection to the music, which is extremely important as a b-boy. I could see the lineage from the Floor Lords and knew he was taught well, understood the dance, and knew how to battle in the circle. Those exceptional skills led him to championships worldwide, some of which I judged front and center. To see his interest in getting on the turntables was exciting as I was there for his first event playing music for battles at “Raiders of The Lost Art” in Boston MA, back in 2005. From that event, he progressed and started DJ’ing many events keeping within the tradition of spinning raw breaks for jams and battles. Making the transition from spinning vinyl to music production in Hip-Hop Culture is challenging, and Lean has proven to be well balanced in both as he expands the genre of Breaking music worldwide. The positive and professional energy that Lean Rock brings is an inspiration for all future practitioners of dance and music in Hip-Hop Culture.”

Ken Swift (7 Gems) – Pioneer & Hip-Hop Legend


“Lean Rock is one of those special gems that was birthed into the culture. Surrounded by some of the illest in the game. I started working with Lean Rock a decade-plus ago as he worked his way into the Freestyle Session DJ lineup as a cypher DJ to become one of the main attractions in the main battles. And not only supplies the classic beats but also creates masterpieces himself on the production tip. Not one to cut himself short, he’s continuing the legacy of his crew Floor Lords, by curating events that supply the scene with something to do and provide meaningful contributions to charitable organizations that will be felt for years to come. I’ve witnessed a lot of Dj Lean Rock’s career, he’s definitely a true representative of Hip-Hop and has become an irreplaceable figure in the scene worldwide.”

Cros 1 (Freestyle Session) – Legendary Hip-Hop Organizer


“Lean Rock is not only a reputable b-boy & excellent DJ for the breaking community, he’s a great positive role model for the youth. His hard work ethic & diligence to connect the community across the board are very commendable…. Los Angeles & the world is lucky to have such an incredible individual.”

Rhettmatic (Beat Junkies) – World Champion DJ Legend


“Lean Rock was in Portgual spinning for my event Porto World Battle. He brought the fire to the dance floor for the battles and the party vibes. Like we say in Portuguese, casa cai you, the home falls down, like crashed, literally. Everybody went crazy for Lean Rock’s set at Porto World Battle. Personally, I got inspired all my life by people like him. The real soldiers in the Hip-Hop community. He’s a real b-boy, a real DJ, doing amazing work that inspires many generations. So big up. Keep doing a great job.”

Max (Momentum Crew) – Event Organizer


“If they did a case study in Hip Hop on the connection between music and breaking, Lean Rock would have to be mentioned. He’s a great balance of both worlds. Dancing to music is one thing, but being a DJ/producer and knowing exactly what makes other dancers react on the floor is another. Mastering two fields require skill, time, and practice, but taste is one of the most important ingredients needed. It’s no doubt that Lean Rock has tons of flavor, you can see it in his moves, in his breaks, and the attention to detail with both is remarkable. Anytime I see his name pop up, I always take a moment to check in and see what he’s been working on.”

Z-Trip (LL Cool J’s Official DJ) – DJ Legend


“Lean and I had the special opportunity to work together on a big endorsement deal with ‘Braun’ over 10 years ago in Austria. Since then, we’ve traveled the world together. Beyond Lean’s outstanding accolades, I’ve always appreciated his friendship and family upbringing. It’s rare to meet people born into the Hip-Hop culture, and that continue to break ground. His dedication and longevity in the scene have been a true inspiration.”

Bboy Ronnie (Super Crew/Jabbawockeez/Red Bull Dancer) – World Champion B-boy


“Lean Rock is someone near and dear to my heart. I’ve seen him come up in his family crew, the Floor Lords, exposed to knowledge and skills of original Hip-Hop culture by elders who mentored him along the way, gave him the tools of the trade to create a livelihood and career out of both the dance and the music of Hip-Hop as well as the aspect of community organizing. Seeing Lean grow and mature through all of his accomplishments and the trails of life and channel it all into his art, whether on the floor or on the wheels or creating something to offer the community, reminds me of the power of Hip-Hop and how much he embodies it.”

Asia One (No Easy Props/Mighty Zulu Kweenz) – B-girl Legend and Organizer


“One of the most creative, progressive & hard-working DJs in the scene. Lean always brings a fresh perspective to his beats and a high level of professionalism that makes working with him a genuine pleasure.”

Fouad (Red Bull) – Global Head of Dance Marketing


​​”What can I say about my brother, Lean Rock? One of the most soulful and musically gifted people I know. Not only is he an incredible B-Boy, but he’s also a monster on the decks. Master of his crafts and one of the best in the biz.”

Dj Day – Legendary DJ & Producer


​​”When I first met Lean Rock, he was Lil Lean, but even then, he had a true passion for obscure records and a serious dedication to the essence/foundation of this thing we do. I’ve known this man’s father, Lino, since the mid-80s, so you know the authenticity and love runs in the family… it’s no surprise to see Lean grow into the man he is today. Much love!”

Kon (Kon & Amir) – Legendary DJ & Producer



“I’ve known Lino, aka DJ Lean Rock, for quite some time. He’s the first person that comes to mind when I think about breaking. He is also one of my top 3 favorite DJ’s. His ear for good music is versatile and undeniable! Also, he’s a man who is always willing to build with the community. Lean Rock has been one of the few real and genuine people I’ve met in this music industry. And I will always be grateful and proud to know him. Go Lean!”

Kronika (Soulection) – Legendary DJ


“I met Lean Rock when he was a young teen, soaking up game from different DJs. My first impression of him was that he was an old soul. Since those early days of him DJing, he’s always been a natural at it and has continued to impress me with what he has accomplished as a DJ, sharing his style in music around the world. Lean always had his own sound and had an ear for the funk, and you can feel it when he plays at jams. His soulfulness is just a part of who he is as a person, as he has also helped so many other DJs and musicians get involved in different projects with him. He’s carrying a legacy and, at the same time, creating his own.”

Dj Celskii (Founder of Skratchpad) – Bay Area DJ Legend


“Lean Rock is special. Born into a hip-hop family, being surrounded by music, art, and creativity throughout his career, his work as a dancer, music producer, and DJ is like a bridge between tradition and innovation that keeps inspiring other artists and creatives all over the world. His musical contributions, artistic view, and knowledge of the culture have helped shape the success of our festival.” –

Tyrone van der Meer (The Notorious IBE) – Legendary Hip-Hop Organizer


“Lean Rock, the generosity this man has to offer is inspiring. He has helped the average dancer think bigger about what they can move to. Lean’s approach and openness to different genres of music shows when he plays. This man has inspired me to think bigger myself in terms of movement and feeling while listening to music. Being grateful for his existence doesn’t come close to the respect, love, admiration, and inspiration I have for this dude. Lean, thank you my G, for holding it down and being a man of your word 100%. You know they say dancers make better DJs, but honestly, you have set a bar I don’t think anyone will be able to reach unless you create a monster of your own. Good luck! Hahaha, I know the future of what is to come will be guided in the right direction knowing you are leading the way. My homie always and forever fooker!”

Boogie Frantick (Mighty Zulu Kings) – World Champion Popper


“The word culture is often misused or not fully understood. To be a part of culture requires years of contribution and involvement. For me, Lean Rock encompasses this ideal and has been a constant figure in keeping DJing and breaking culture alive.”

Dan Natola (Co-Founder of Bodega Store)


“Lean Rock is Hip-Hop. Raw and original. A tastemaker and true trendsetter. As one of the most authentic voices of his generation, Lean Rock continues to prove he is one of the best and most versatile DJs in the world. Dance is a conversation with the music and the DJ. There is no one else I would rather “talk” to. I’m proud to call him family.”

Kid David (Renegade Rockers/Squadron) – World Champion B-Boy


“I’ve had the privilege of knowing Lean Rock since he was a young B-Boy with the Floor Lords Crew, and now he’s evolved all the way to being a world-class Hip Hop artist on the stage as a B-boy and as a DJ. A multitalented cat. I just want to say you got my support, you got Hip Hop’s support, and of course, you got Boston support. One Love.”

Akrobatik – Boston Rap Legend/Professor at Umass Boston


“My man DJ Lean Rock is the perfect conduit between the traditional old school Hip Hop DJs, and new generation Hip Hop DJs. DJ Lean Rock is the truth, and of course, UBB approved.”

Breakbeat Lou (Ultimate Breaks & Beats) – Hip-Hop Legend and Pioneer


“I’ve known Lean Rock since forever. From way back when he was just known as a B-Boy, then he became a DJ, and then a producer. And now he’s one of the most known B-boy DJs in the world. You see him everywhere, all over the globe. And I would say that actually, he is the biggest DJ in the breaking world, and he’s my favorite. I could say that honestly, he’s my favorite breakbeat DJ. We have fun together, we hang out together, and he’s playing the best jams. It motivates me. I don’t know how many mixtapes I have at my house but I always play them when I practice.”

Storm (Battle Squad) – European B-Boy Pioneer & Legend


“Looking back over my career as an artist and an entrepreneur, I’ve had a chance to meet some really incredible people on this planet, some really talented people. And one of those people is Lean Rock. Lean is one of the few individuals I know that has just really pushed the creative envelope for our culture and our scene, both as a DJ and as a producer. In fact, when I think about some of my favorite moments as a b-boy and as a Hip Hopper, they’ve been in venues where Lean is DJing and creating those moments as a DJ. There are very few DJs I’ve ever come across in my entire career that know how to read a room and literally manufacture the environment from behind the turntables the way that Lean does. He’s just world-class. And that comes from Lean being steeped in so much history inside the culture of Hip Hop. It also comes from Lean putting so much work into his craft as an artist. Not just studying the history, but applying those lessons and finding ways to be creative, and pushing the envelope inside of the unwritten rules of Hip Hop, inside of the codes that some of us older folks don’t even talk about anymore. He lives by them and has really pushed the creative envelope. Also, Lean has been one of the very few people who has really put breaking culture on his back when producing original music. Original music that we want to dance to, original music that is creating a legacy for all the young dancers in the world. When I came up, we would listen to the classic breaks, the Apaches and the It’s Just Begun, or whatever the case may be. But as you know, we’ve matured, and things have gone online with copyright issues; we can’t play those tracks all the time at the jam anymore. Lean has created a whole library of original music that bangs, that hits, that is as meticulous, well thought out, crafted for our scene but modernized in a way that makes you want to catch wreck and creates the same vibes that some of the original music that we all loved and came up on but now we can do that at jams all over the world. And Lean is just like one of the few people on the planet who has the skill, talent, and drive to do that. So, in addition to him just being an incredible artist, he’s also a leader off the dance floor and in real life, setting an example for everyone around him, his crew, the community, and our scene for young people, even for OG’s. Lean has been a bright shining light. I can’t say enough good things about him. If you’re thinking about working with Lean, I can’t recommend an artist with more talent and integrity in this game than Lean Rock, and I hope you get a chance to partner with him as I have many, many times over the years and create something magical. Be great today.”

Jo Rawk (Massive Monkees/Tractionology Group) – World Champion Bboy & Entrepreneur



“The first time I witnessed Lean Rock I was completely blown away. It was like watching an original Hip Hop DJ from the early 70s rebirthed into this young soul who understood the spirit of cutting up rare funky breaks. This all happened when I booked him for his first club gig at the intimate APT venue in the meatpacking district (NYC) with DJ Forrest Getemgump. At this time New York was lacking this kind of energy, and his set reminded me of why I fell in love with DJ Culture and Hip-Hop in the first place. I knew at that moment that he was destined for greatness.”

Dj Spinna – Legendary Hip-Hop/House DJ & Producer


“Lino Delgado, better known to the world as DJ Lean Rock is more than just a DJ. He’s a culturalist with a knack for researching the history of breakin’ and music at a young age. Lean started as a b-boy, but when he decided to pursue another element of Hip Hop in the form of DJing, I knew he would be great at it. He spent a lot of time scouring the internet and record shops for new music to share with the world. Lean Rock believes in high standards for the art he puts out, whether through breakin’ or DJing. I’ve had the pleasure of traveling the world with my cousin Lean Rock, sharing ideas, winning championship events, and performing at our highest level. The years of research and accomplishments have shaped him into who he is today. Lean is a leader, teacher, and practitioner, not just a great B-boy or DJ.”

El Nino (Floorlords/Squadron) – World Champion B-boy


“I don’t think I’ve rocked a single breaking session within the last few years without a Lean Rock mixtape. Whenever I catch him spinning on travels, I can be sure to have unforgettable moments ahead. One of the greats of our culture and the most accomplished of his generation.”

Focus (Flow Mo/Saiffa Studio/B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo) – World Champion B-boy



“Lean Rock is a DJ, breaker, event organizer, and music producer and knows good ramen! Not only is he Hip-Hop and has great taste, but he’s one of the best b-boys and DJs in the world. He’s too much! He has a great personality, and that’s why we trust him! We love you brother!”

Taisuke (The Flooriorz/Red Bulll BC One Allstar) – World Champion B-boy


“The ones who keep their heads down and do the work are the most important in any industry. Lean Rock does the work. The right things, for the right reasons. I’m proud to know him.”

House Shoes (Street Corner Music) – Legendary DJ & Producer


“Lean Rock is a dope b-boy, but I really respect him as a DJ because he’s one of the few to really push the music in the breaking scene to the next level. When I heard Lean spinning in 2013 and 2014 at the Red Bull BC One World Finals, he played some incredible stuff that eventually became b-boy anthems, especially for the younger generation, which is a great thing. So without Lean and his contributions, I don’t think the music level in the breaking scene would’ve reached another level, so you got all my respect, and I really wish you success.”

DJ Tee (7 Gems) – Legendary Japanese DJ


“Working with Lean Rock has been one of the best experiences I’ve ever had working in the arts. Not only does his knowledge of music and breaking make him an invaluable collaborator, his deep passion and personal commitment to both mean that every project we work on pushes the boundaries of what’s been done before in the name of elevating the sport to new heights. Over the years I’ve also been lucky to see Lean grow into a community leader – he doesn’t only focus on his personal growth like most do, instead, his true goals are bigger than that. Through his events and mixes, Lean truly highlights the essence of breaking, bringing the scene back to its roots while pushing it to grow into the future. The man is a gem and I’m proud to call him a friend and ally in the culture.”

Bryan Davila (Red Bull USA) – Culture Marketing Manager


“I want to give a shout-out to my homeboy little Lean Rock out there doing his thing on the ones and twos getting busy with zigga ziggas. I’ve known this cat since he was little, little kid, like 13-14 years old. Always holding it down whether on the floor or on the spins. Coming from me it’s a big one because I’m the killer with the can. Just want to give you a shout-out, get busy!”

Mr. Totem (TATS crew, Burn Unit, Foundnation Japan, and Flipside Kings) – Writing Legend



“Lean Rock is one of the best to ever do it. A true blessing to this breaking scene. A DJ that can give you a stank face but also a smile on your face. A DJ that can set the vibe and make every jam/battle a dope experience. A DJ that loves what he does and motivates/inspires b-boys and b-girls from all over the world! For many years he has been giving the Hip-Hop culture what it needs: Quality Sounds! And these sounds just get crazier every time I’m at a jam where he is spinning on the ones and twos.
Levels on levels.”

Lee (The Ruggeds) – The Future



“When thinking about what “carrying on traditions means” Lean Rock automatically comes to mind. Born in Hip Hop amongst legends but yet is always humble and determined to create his own lane through dance and music. Lean Rock has been the young OG whose hard work and dedication led him to become one of the best dancers and DJs in the scene. His passion for music always shines whether he spins at a grass-root event, a club, or a huge competition he adapts and never holds back making sure he‘s fully connected with the crowd. What also sets him apart is his willingness to get out of his comfort zone while never being afraid to innovate and always preserving the essence of our culture. His work as a community leader has been a major asset and inspiration not only for me and many but particularly for the youth witnessing how you can positively impact people and the world as a Hip Hop practitioner.”


Jeskilz (Cypher Adikts) – B-girl Legend



“My brother Lean Rock always holds it down for authentic Hip-Hop culture. His whole family, The Floor Lords, are Hip Hop. His DJ crew, Horsepower, is the greatest Break DJ crew of all time. My brother got the b-boy mentality because he’s started as a b-boy. He never forgot and never fades (in the dance). He even reps on the floor while he’s DJing. Me and him, we always have a good time. We enter jams randomly and get down just for fun, not for winning or losing, just representing the style and flavor of breakin. Breaking-wise, he has a super unique style. I’ve never seen a style like his before, it’s a mixture of a traditional b-boy approach with something brand new. I think that’s a true gift. He’s one of my top favorite b-boys of all time. And I love that he brings new ideas to the culture through his events, jams, mixtapes, and interviews with some of the greatest Hip-Hop heads. He is always doing his thing for the culture and sharing knowledge, and I respect that.”


Born (Rivers Crew/Mighty Zulu Kings) – World Champion B-boy

“I want to shout out my boy Lean Rock. I met him at Freestyle Session in Long Beach (2004), and we became homies. He would come to the crib, dance on the floor, and give me a gang of breaks. I used to use all those breaks on my records, break records, albums, music, everything I made. And then I gave him a mixer because he didn’t have one at the time. I was like, Yo, you need to have a DJ mixer. So I had a gang of mixers, and I was like, Yo, take this one for free. And damn, you need to put that in a glass case man! It’s beautiful to see how he’s grown from that time and become a master of the breaks. Yo Lean Rock, we love you my brother!”


Q-bert (Invisible Skratch Picklez) – World Champion DJ Legend



“Lean Rock is truly a gem of the last few generations in hip-hop and the world knows it. He has always been a DJ I’ve looked forward to witnessing at any event.  His lineage in the culture stems way back and it shows in the quality he puts forth and the versatility he displays. There are no cut corners. Not only is he an incredible DJ, but he is also an amazing bboy and producer, which all come hand in hand in solidifying his rightful place in the global hip-hop community.  His humility and professionalism also leave a long-lasting impression in the world of many egos. If you’re looking for one of the best to do it in our time, he’s up there 1000%. I wouldn’t be writing this if I didn’t stand behind my belief that Lean Rock is truly a young legend and continual force to be reckoned with.”


Cha Cha Malone aka Bboy Chacha (AOMG / H1GHR Music Records/Art of Movement Crew) – Multi-Platinum Producer and B-boy



“Lean Rock is a gem and voice to his and future generations to the legacy of breaking, djing, and hip hop culture. Some grow in and around legendary crews, but sustain the shadow of it; Lean Rock forged his own great name and sustained the brightness of that legacy he came from. Something that I can truly say about Lean Rock is that, regardless of his pillar status, he stays humble and that love for and sharing great music is ever a driving force in his life. I am grateful for the vantage point that I’ve been given to see Lean Rock grow as a little kid in hip hop to the great and well-respected figure he is today on a global scale. What a remarkable individual we have among us in hip-hop!”

Nate aka Gadget (Boogie Brats/Sweet Technique) – B-boy Legend



“There’s noise, and then there’s music. Some are gifted to be able to tell the difference between the two. Lean Rock is one of those people. He has been the driving force, the energy, behind so many crucial moments that have defined Breaking. More importantly, he has bridged the gap for so many people across the planet to connect with each other. Even if they don’t speak the same language, when Lean is playing, we all understand each other.”

Palmer (Havikoro) – World Champion B-boy



“Lean Rock is someone I think has it all. Experience. Contribution. Relevance. Work rate. I’m very happy to see him at the forefront of the movement of our culture. He has proven himself in multiple domains and is a worthy testament to the past, present, and future. Knowing and working with him for over a decade has shown me that he is more than capable at whatever he chooses to focus on.”

DJ Renegade (Soul Mavericks) – DJ Legend



“Joe Conzo here, the man who took Hip-Hop’s baby pictures, giving a big shout out to one of the illest DJs around today, with the fanciest footwork, DJ Lean Rock. Congratulations on all your endeavors. You and I traveled the world together. You represent the culture like no other DJ and B-boy there is! Sending you much love from the Bronx.”

Joe Conzo – Legendary Hip-Hop Photographer



“I met Lean as a child in the 90s, the “golden age of HH” out at that time, and very few kids had his level of dance and his understanding of music. His style and level of dancing were already ahead. Lean Rock was a “hip-hop child prodigy.” He’s been in the hip-hop scene from an early age, so his maturity and multidisciplinary is evident in our scene today. His humility has always convinced me of his sincerity to represent this art before personal interests. I saw him grow and flourish in this community, always keeping the standards up. This sets him apart and gives him the respect of the greatest, not only in the USA but also in France and Europe…

By his family affiliation in the HH community, Lean Rock has knowledge and expertise in the different elements. This is why “Just4rockers,” which represents the school of authentic Hip-Hop culture in Europe, has chosen to work with him; He shared and blessed the turntables with renowned French DJs such as Deenasty, Cléon, Suspect at our “Jam J4R” in Paris. Lean Rock is a complete, passionate, professional and knowledgeable artist that represents authentic Hip-Hop culture. He keeps the values and codes of HH all while managing to inspire the different generations in Europe and the world.”

Nacera aka B-Girl Hurricane (Just 4 Rockers) – European B-girl Legend



“DJ Lean Rock has been one of the main pillars in our community as a Break DJ for more than a decade, and it’s safe to say that his contribution to breaking has had a massive impact to this day and still going on. Year after year, he has provided iconic tracks and music production that are now known as “breaking classics,” keeping the most prestigious competitions, whether global or local, at their highest level. Representing Floor Lords and the Squadron, Lean Rock is mainly known for his outstanding DJ skills, but he is also a b-boy and has been since he started his journey. He embodies the essence of breaking entirely and has no intention of slowing down, hosting events, fundraising, all-scale competitions, mixtapes, teaching, or helping the next generation prosper. And last but not least, he is a humble guy that is down to earth. Thank you for everything you have done, and thank you for everything you will do in the future..”


Rico aka Zoopreme (The Ruggeds) – World Champion B-boy