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Carry On

    There are a couple of reasons why I've been holding back on making mixes or releasing music these past two years.   Appreciation factor: My first reason why…
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Breakin’ Taboo

  It took some time to release this project because I went through a lot of mental hurdles putting this one together. Yes, I made it for people to dance…
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The East 3 Interview

Now my next interview features one of the illest writers I know! East 3! East 3  resides on the beautiful island of Hawaii, and has definitely left his mark in…
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Forever Roxin Rite!

  With years of hard work, and plenty of dues paid, Roxrite has accomplished an endeavor most bboys have only dreamed about: becoming a Red Bull BC One Champion. Rox…
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Staying On Track with DJ Kon

  Kon of the legendary duo Kon & Amir has some of the heaviest crates in the game. The Kon & Amir's series of mixes entitled “On Track”, are undoubtedly…
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In the crates with Breakbeat Lou!

Breakbeat Lou along with his partner Lenny Roberts (R.I.P) have made a major contribution to the hip hop culture, being the founders of the legendary Ultimate Breaks and Beats compilation…
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