It’s all about progress!

“How bad do you want it?” This question always pops up in my head…
As tired as I can be sometimes and as lazy as I can be sometimes, this is the question that always kicks me in the ass to accomplish things. It’s not easy to accomplish great things but if you clock in those hours your work will only get easier. You gotta kick a lot of your bad habits out the door to accomplish great things. Sacrifice is no joke but it’s needed for progress. You might be losing out on some “fun” but that window of opportunity slowly fades. Change is needed to keep the right energy flowing. Seeking comfort tends to barely give you comfort… Reach out further.. Surround yourself with people that want progress. Bless yourself with those incredible people that steadily grind and have this “get shit done” mentality… it will make a hell of a difference.




Follow the love.

Put your soul in it.

If you feel your soul isn’t in it.. it either might not be for you.. or you might have to take a step back.

Some of the right people will be there and some of the wrong people will be there. Time always tells. Just follow the love.

Set new limits by learning the rules and then break the shit out of them.

If you love what you do and you lose focus… you will eventually gain focus again.

Whether you feel shitty or you feel amazing… remember that the culture will be there for you as long as you’re there for the culture.

You create your atmosphere.

Through good times and bad times.. Live it.

This is what it is…



It’s been a minute since I blogged on my site. These last couple of months have been non stop so I haven’t had the energy to even want to blog. I’ve had some ups and downs but most certainly more “ups” this year. My last Euro tour may have not went as well as my other tours but the lessons I learned from it were very valuable to my life. I’m not going to get into too many details about it but I will leave yall with some of my insight. I’ve just realized that I have a lot of support and definitely a lot of love on this planet. I meet a lot of people in my line of work. So sometimes it’s hard to reach out to everyone and show love.. but I’m learning to appreciate everyone more. We all need to have more love for each other but it’s a process. It takes time and baby steps to understand this process. Shit I’m still an infant at it. I can totally say this year has been the most fun I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve cared less about putting attention to negativity and I’ve put more love into my work. Even if I felt a certain way about a comment or message, I’ve tried my best to stay focused on what really matters… getting better at my craft. I’ve ranted less this year and tried my best to make situations that suck.. BETTER. We tend to put too much attention on the future rather than the “moment of now”. The thoughts of the future can totally overshadow the beauty of what happens now. As for djing… Put more effort into connecting people with the music and try your best to let them breathe with it. I’ve realized that it’s not about dropping the newest shit all the time and dropping the “perfect beats”.. because what makes it perfect is the timing of when the music is dropped. It’s all human instinct. Connect with the art of it. People react to things differently, so I feel it’s best to do what you feel right then and there. We are all different but we are all on the same land. Some of us are on the same wave lengths some of us aren’t. That’s just life. Free yourself. It may work and it may not work, just keep at it. As I’ve traveled the world, I realized that people need more fun in their lives. So I have put more energy into bringing that vibe along with the Pboys haha. Thank you Outbreak and IBE for being the prime examples of having fun this year! We’re supposed to train at our craft in a serious manner but we only train this way to make everything we do more fun. Your passion will show in your work. Enjoy what you do and care less about stupid shit.


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Higher Belief


There are a lot of people with great things to say or do but most would rather not express it. I believe we have to express ourselves because our voice and our feeling is needed in this world. This is the key to individuality and the key to opening the gates of creativity. We all live different lives and we all go through different struggles. No one goes through the same shit. The first people we think about that made a difference on this planet are the people that expressed themselves at a frequency we never seen before. These people had nothing to lose in life. We talk about Ali, Bruce Lee, James Brown, and even a guy like Charlie Chaplin… these people lived 24/7 and there legacy continues to lives on to till this day (Ali is still alive). You see plenty of expression through their craft and plenty of expression when they speak. The energy of these people were incredible because they had a higher belief in what they do. They understood life’s connection. We need to stop wearing these costumes. Costumes are for Halloween and for costume parties. We need to live this. It’s great to have dreams but it takes that higher belief to make those dreams the reality. Dreams only exist if we believe it is a dream. We can’t over think…. Over thinking thoughts bruise the mind. We need confidence. Worries need to be at the bottom of our list. Worrying is something we make up in our minds. We have to let go and just let shit flow.


We all need to time reflect back and not regret.. just learn. Let things flow and let the good feeling be our guide. Let the struggle come at our benefit. It’s like once you understand the struggle of someone you appreciate them so much more.  The struggle exists because it make us better. There is a struggle behind everything we do in life… so appreciate life more. Whether poor or rich we all struggle in different ways. Our minds and our environment are very powerful. Shitttt… the ugliest surfaces tend to hold the most amazing minds. You can go to a run down city such as Detroit… and this city has given birth to some of the most amazing people, music, culture, etc. I mean… this whole hip hop culture came about in some of the most run down hoods in New York. Learn to connect with life. Appreciate the details and just live.


We are all promised to live and die.


The Journey

My mind, heart, and soul have been moving at a different pace lately. I have totally came to the point where I pretty much say what I feel, break the way I feel, and play the music that I feel (and I play the music with feeling). There is a connection between everything I do now. It’s bigger than hip hop… It’s life. I try my best to force nothing. I dig deep within my feelings and vibe out with all the energy around me. At this moment my breaking is not top level but I totally accept that because I’m just not in the right groove right now. Best believe when I hear the right music at the right time this all changes. The music always surrounds us… the feeling of music is built inside us.. it sounds different but the struggle is the same.  We all go through “slumps” in our lives from time to time.. but that’s only because we need time to find new direction. We need feeling. I still love the dance and I’m still passionate about it… but what’s most important for me is being at a stage in life where I don’t care about impressing people.. I’m fine with just sitting back and observing… you know just waiting for when the time is right. It’s all about being on that journey and expressing yourself when you really feel it right? That’s the beauty behind art, the beauty behind our culture, and the beauty of life… we have feelings! When these feelings come out that’s when we’re at our best… It’s not about winning battles, winning opinions, winning arguments, etc. What means more is the legacy, the memories, and the feeling you leave on that journey getting those titles. That’s what builds you you as a person..  the trophies are extra… When you leave this earth…. you leave with nothing but the memories of you…


Live for the moment and cherish the shit out of that moment because the future isn’t promised… The special things you do or say at that moment are the things that live with you forever. You got to live. You got to be free. In reality there is no real security. Anything can change in just a flick of a second. It doesn’t mean you live your life recklessly but learn to make the challenges in your life fun.


Our culture lacks a lot of true expression these days and a lot of people are off course… we all need to get better at feeling out the journey… most people want to live with the template that’s given to them. No one wants to put the template to work and make something special out of it. Everyone wants shine but not many want to go on that journey to find out what really makes them shine as person.  It’s like “everyone wants a meal but no one wants to really cook”. Through my own experiences, I have released mixes to challenge myself to see how hard I can work.. I honestly didn’t put enough time to make my mixes at a higher level. It’s similar to how some people train everyday but just to train to say they are training.  Most mixes I made with a deadline and I noticed just a few days after I would get tired of them quickly. Ever since my last mix I been working on material that I feel more and definitely put more meaning behind my mixes. Everything project I work on must have a theme and I must be inspired by someone or something… it has to have an connection with life…It just has to! When I play for events these days I try my best to take people on a journey with me. I’m not just trying to play music for you to dance to it… I’m trying my best to play music that makes you feel your dance. I’m trying my best to make sure everyone has a good time. I’m trying my best to bring a party vibe. I’m not just playing music to have people asking for song titles… I’m not trying to outdo other djs because I’m not even trying to do what other djs do… I’m playing for what I feel works best at that moment with the people I’m vibing with at that moment… Live, Vibe, Feel, and Love… That’s all part of the journey.

Catch me in Europe again! July 23rd – September 16th!

Proud to announce that I will be heading to Europe again from July 23rd – September 16th! This summer is going to be crazyyyyyyyyyyyyy! For info on bookings contact:  :)

Euro Tour 2013 Recap!


My first Euro tour of 2013 was offfffffff the f*ckin hook! First stop on the tour, I had the pleasure of rocking in front of about 4,000 – 5,000 peeps in Chelles, France for an event called Chelles Battle Pro 2013. The event featured many of the top bboys, bgirls, and crews from all around the globe. Overall it’s a quality staged bboy/bgirl battle and one of the more known bboy events from around the world. The highlight of the event for most was Bgirl Terra, an 6 year old bgirl prodigy from the UK whom definitely made her presence known to the world. Plenty of footage of her has went viral over the internet… (all over youtube and news blogs). My own personal highlight of the event was seeing my crew mate Bounce. I had no idea he would be there. Dude is a ninja.. you just never know when you’ll see him. It was really surprising to see him in France since he’s usually chillen in Asia somewhere.  It’s just too bad we never made it to Moulin Rouge that night though LMAO The next day I played in Paris for an event called Just4Rockers, which is more on the party vibe/cypher tip. I’ve always heard a lot of great things about the event. So I definitely had high expectations. The event was smaller then Chelles but packed with French/European legends. It was truly an honor to be around Aktuel Force as I never got the chance to dance in the same circle or even meet them. Karim, Gabin, Karima, Pascal Blaise, and the many others of Aktuel Force have played a huge role in the bboy scene. There were definitely some hot cyphers that went down… especially the cypher towards the end of the event (Storm, Menno, Freeze, and many others took part in it). I tried my best to bring that old Bronx jam vibe since so many peeps consider Paris as the Bronx of Europe. I mean it’s only right…. right!?!?  The only bad thing I could say about the event was that it was sweaty as f*ck and smelly (stinky ass bboys)… but that’s expected at every bboy jam and event haha Overall the JAM was super dope… Definitely one of my favorite events in Europe… I highly suggest any true hip hop head to check this one out if you’re ever in the area. Nevermind it was dope to kick it with my peeps from back home.. Joe Conzo, Cros, Paulskee, Candy, Jeskilz, and many other heads from the states. Much love to Suspect and Cleon for rocking the jam with all vinyl… and a big shout out to Skeme for totally rocking the jam!



During each week, I spend my time in Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich has sort of become my home in Europe. It’s easy to get around, I can get a decent haircut, Zurich has some good record stores (Zero Zero & 16 Tons are pretty cool shops… quite expensive though), the practice spot (Dyanmo) isn’t too far from anywhere, there is a lot of good food (home to my favorite Thai spot called Chiang Mai Thai Shop), I get a dose of Olivia’s yoga classes, and well.. some of favorite peeps on earth live there. Overall it’s a great place to just chill… but very expensive. The next weekend I headed back to Paris for the Juste Debout World Finals. I believe there were about 15,000 peeps in attendance, so this event is probably the biggest of all events in the street dance world. This event is also a bit longer than any of other events I have spun at this year because the event featured so many different dance styles. The 2 on 2 bboy battle and toprock qualifier were downstairs in a another room while a bunch of battles and performances were going on upstairs on the big stage. Most of the 2 on 2 was made up of local French crews, so I wasn’t familiar with too many heads. Bailrok was taking out everyone in the toprock qualifier. He won alone with his outfit haha A few hours later we headed to the big stage for the top rock finals. The energy of 15,000 peeps is no joke. I was a lil nervous, but I guess I got the job got done LOL Once again, big ups to Bailrok for taking the W from the get go! Shortly after I went to the afterparty deader than dead… I was up since 5 am earlier that day…. so my pboying level was very low! I spent one night in Paris then headed back to Switzerland. Much love to Lamine, Zoubir, Bruce, and Hurricane for holding me down both weekends in France.



Next weekend was personally my favorite event of the trip…. I spun at this event in Prague, Czech Republic called Rockin Champs 2013. The vibe of Prague and just the way Prague looks is just too dope. I don’t know what it is but it’s always the best times in Prague. The energy, the talent, and the vibe of the event was crazy. We partied the whole time in Prague, and I’m sure everyone felt it after leaving Prague hahaha Overall this was my best performance on the tour. Shout out to my Bboyspot EU fam, Miniboj for rocking the Lean Rock routine with me in the prelims, Cosmic, Swiftrock, Flow Mo, Lix and the rest of the Rockin Champs staff! F*ck it…. Shout out to everyone that was there.. you all made it memorable!



Just a day after Rockin Champs, I ended up checking out Marjory’s house dance workshop. I really wish I took it, but I probably would have threw up all over the people in class. Marjory is a awesome person! I totally connected to her philosophy on life and the way she presents dance. Her workshop actually inspired me to take my first house dance workshop. So the next day I took a house dance workshop with my homegirl Branca at Colombo Dance Factory in Zurich. I’m sure it was funny as hell to watch my goofy ass house dance. I’m sure she got some laughs too but I have to say she did a really great job teaching! Her lesson definitely opened up a new dimension in my brain as a dancer. Just a couple of days after I headed to Biel, Switzerland to spin a small party at Provosirum lounge and a small bboy event called Battle @ Nights 2013. Biel actually has a lot of rich European hip hop history. It’s very surprising to see such a small town in Switzerland to have such rich history in hip hop… but it’s home to one of the most legendary European hip hop venues called Coupole. Many acts and legends have passed through this town and venue. Anyways back to the gig… I can’t front but I didn’t spin so well at the party. I was just out of the zone and thinking too much. It just seemed like everything got to me. It was just one of those days I guess. The night got better as it ended though. We ended up partying til like 4 am, but we all definitely felt it the next day. The next day I spun at Battle @ Nights, which was really fun because the people at the event were really fun! Definitely one of my better performances on trip and I felt much better! Much love to the peeps of Biel especially my boy Dj Foxhound. You’re the man! Never met so many humble and cool peeps! Thanks for the good energy! This weekend I will be heading to Eindhoven, Netherlands for Rugged n Beats & Breakjunkiez 2013… I only expect craziness from Holland! Holland is always the shit! A big thank you to Michele aka Paleta (you’re the best), Society SOP, JSLV, Laced Boston, and my Soul Rebel fam Olivia & Rebecca for being there for me during the trip! Thank you Switzerland and the rest of Europe for inspiring me in new ways! Can’t wait to come back during the summer!


Where Crew Loyalty Really Counts…


This is a controversial topic but I would definitely like to add my 2 dollars to it. I have seen a lot of people complaining about people from different crews teaming up to battle in competitions. I definitely agree that it’s best to enter a competition with your own crew… but I don’t see any problem with the so-called “super crews”. I mean no crew is really that super to where they can’t ever be defeated. I have seen many “super crews” get torched or just plain out lose. I think it’s more of an loyalty issue when some guy/girl enters with another crew against their own crew. Then yeah… that’s definitely wack! If a promoter hits me up to bring out my real crew out then yeah I’m going to definitely go with my real crew over some “super crew”. If there are certain heads in my crew that aren’t ready to battle in a high level competition or if their known for missing flights.. then they need to fix up before they go anywhere. Peeps got to know their position and play their position. We should never let these competitions DEFINE our crew loyalty or our crew integrity though. In my opinion, what matters most is REPPING together with your crew in the CIRCLES.. whether it be vibing out or battling against another crew in a circle. I mean did peeps really forget that’s where it really matters! Are we really valuing these competitions just as much as the circles? Did yall forget that vibing out and kicking it with your crew before and after the jam…. this is where real crew loyalty, value, and integrity really counts! If you’re crew can’t do that… then yeah that’s where the real loyalty problems are.


A competition is a business.. it’s show business. When money gets involved it’s a business. It’s entertainment! It’s not real! You dance for a few rounds and you don’t have that same freedom as you do when you’re just vibing out. You’re not calling out who you want to battle in a competition. For the most part their calling two crews to face off… and picking the crews randomly. You’re not always getting the chance to dance to the song you want to dance to.  Competitions are friendly and fun. You obviously want to win but it’s friendly. Stop getting butt hurt…. it’s business and it’s not that serious. You only have one real excuse to get pissed, and that’s if the promoter jerked you on the money after winning the competition LOL This is exactly why my crew has never put so much value into a competition. Never did… and we never will! A competition win is great to put on your resume, but even then it’s only remembered for so long. You’re remembered more for repping everywhere you go. A real crew isn’t strictly about business… A company is. My crew has always understood that.


I really don’t get why people keep comparing the scene of the past to today’s scene.. that was a different time. We aren’t going back to yesterday. People traveled less and there were definitely less events going on back then. There was a lot more preparation time for crews to get together to attend events since there were less events going on. They weren’t every weekend. They would go on every couple of months. These days people are traveling more and there are more events to attend. People are getting offered trips to go to different places around the world to make money more than ever. A whole crew barely gets flown out overseas because it’s too damn expensive. That’s the reality of it. There paying for people to fly out to put on a show. It’s a business. It’s a different ball game. To be quite honest some of the best crews out on the east coast didn’t really enter competitions when I was coming up… a lot of them would just go to the event just to rep in the circles. What happened to supporting an event with your crew just to rep? Put more value into having a family vibe with your crew, and don’t let these competitions define what your crew is really about!
If you have any questions about my loyalty… I have been part of the same crew for 17 years straight and I never quit on any of my crews :) PEACE!